The first stage before manufacturing any Otto Lube product is the research stage. Our team of expert technicians and mechanics start by making a detailed analysis of modern vehicle lubricant requirements. From taking into consideration the importance of leading OEM requirements such as MB, BMW and VW, while also bearing in mind the sensitive oil requirements of turbo fitted vehicles as well as petrol/diesel, hybrid cars and vehicle after-treatment-systems.

The second stage is the development stage which means selecting the finest raw materials that are best suited for the oil requirements established from the research stage. Once preliminary test samples are formulated they are subjected to rigorous ASTM testing methods as defined by the Society of Auto Motive Engineers J-300 Classifications. These test results are then cross referenced against API (American petroleum institute) and ACEA (Association des Constructeurs Europeens d'Automobiles) standards. 

how its made - ottolube

The third stage is quality control. We continuously monitor our quality in order to ensure our customers always receive the highest oil quality for their vehicles. Before we start blending any batch of motor oil, all our base oils and additives are independently tested to ensure that their quality and specifications are uncompromised. After any batch has been produced it is tested again to confirm the expected results and quality. Finally, after production, our technicians choose random bottled finished products from each oil grade and test them once again as final verification before reaching the end user.

Our manufacturing facility GIL has been ISO 9001 Certified for Quality Management Systems since 2008.